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Our certifications 

When we finished the formula and the packaging design, we obtained the certifications which we believe support our vision to offer the customer a product that is completely natural and environmentally friendly but still reflects our London brand; elegant, cosmopolitan and made with the highest quality ingredients.

cruelty free

Certified that our serum has not been tested on animals.

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Certified that our serum contains no animal ingredients or by-products, and no animal ingredients or by-products were used in the manufacturing process.

made in britain

The official collective mark for British manufacturers. The "Made in Britain" collective mark unites the British manufacturing sector and helps consumers and buyers by identifying products that are made in Britain.

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third party lab cbd  certification

We create a QR code for each batch produced. This QR code is linked toan independent lab report that certifies the content of CBD in our serum. In this way, youalways know that our claims on CBD content are correct and that no THC is present.


Our packaging is recyclable as we use glass and cardboard boxes.

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Natural Cosmetics
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eu cosmetic product certification

Before a cosmetics product can be placed in the EU market, it is necessary to register or provide ‘notification’ of the product to the EU Cosmetic Product Notification which we have done.

trade mark

Our company is trademarked under English Law and effective in Europe.

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